Information 3-day Endurance Marathon 2018

The second edition of Endurance Marathon Someren will start on August 24, 25 and 26th, 2018. We are looking forward to welcome you to this 3-day endurance event. The scenery is various, countryside villages, forests and heather fields.  The start, vetgates and finish are located on different locations. This year we finish at PCK Eersel, where also the European Championship Working Equitation is on this date.

The 3-day marathon will not be on a marked trail. You have to navigate by GPS to find your way. Often we will follow the existing horse trails who are presented. During the ride, two vet’s will be checking the horses before and after the ride.

Camping and paddocks are including the entree fee. Stallions must be hold in stables during night. Please reserve at registration.

Your horse needs hoof protection during this event! You can ride without a groom, checkpoints with water will be available on trail. We organise a ‘shuttle-service’ to pick up your car and trailer from the previous location.

Around 19:00/19:30 pm you can join the dinner buffet.


You can participate in the ride if the combination are qualified for:

Entree in class: Qualified combination in one day events
Klasse 2 (90 km) Finished 3 rides < 40 km
Klasse 3 (150 km) Finished 3 rides between 40 – 80 km
Klasse 4 (> 160 km) Finished 3 rides > 80 km

You need a riding permision of your national federation during this event.


Start Manege Meulendijks, Heeze
Overnight stay – Day 1
(Also vetgate – klasse 3/4)
Camping de Vrolijke Flierefluiter, Someren Heide
Overnight stay – Day 2
(Also vetgate – klasse 3/4)
Camping Tipsich Ans, Soerendonk
Finish Day 3 PCK Eersel


Klasse 2 Driving 26  31  30 87 km
Klasse 2 28  33  30 91 km
Klasse 3 28+22  33+20  30+18 151 km
Klasse 4 28+22+19  33+21+20  30+18 191 km

Pre-ride meeting

Friday morning at 10:00 am, there will be an obligated meeting for all riders. All important details of the ride are announced during this meeting. All information about maps, GPX files, pre-ride movies are published on our website. If you have any questions, please mail to

Vet check

Vet check and starting times a noticed in the time schedule. Be on time for your vet check, participants of higher classes going first true inspection.

Participants costs


  • Registration fee
  • Camping on vetgates
  • Paddock on vetgates/finish
Fee: Aug. 12th. – Aug. 23th Cancelation before August 16th
Klasse 2 Driving (3-day) € 130,- (1 horse) € 50,-
Klasse 2 Driving (3-day) € 160,- (2 horses) € 50,-
Klasse 2 (3-day) € 130,- € 50,-
Klasse 3 (3-day) € 160,- € 75,-
Klasse 4 (3-day) € 190,- € 75,-

* Cancelations after August 16th, full amount.

Possible extra costs

Pre-stay (23.8)*  in Someren-Heide Camping and Paddock € 20,-
Pre-stay (23.8)* in Someren-Heide Camping and Paddock -> Driving with 2 horses € 30,-
Pre-stay (23.8)*  in Someren-Heide Camping and Stable € 30,-
Pre-stay (23.8)*  in Someren-Heide Camping and Stable -> Driving with 2 horses € 45,-
Stable** vetgates (limited available) Someren-Heide/ Soerendonk € 15,- per day
Overnight stay groom p.p.p.n. € 5,-
Breakfast Buffet p.p.p.n € 5,-
Diner Buffet incl. beer/wine/softdrink p.p.p.n € 12,50

*If you want to arrive before 23.08, please send  an e-mail, we will reserve the accommodation for you.

**Hay is not included, please bring your own.

Renting GPS-device

We do have a limited availability of renting GPS devices. Please notice at registration. Cost  € 30,- + € 50,- deposit. GPX files are already installed. Bring batteries AA.


Click here to see the menus (in Dutch)

Registration / Sign in

Registration opens: August 12th – 12:00 PM

1. Register for the ride
–> Welcome as a foreign rider (left down corner) 
2. Fill out this form Click here
3. You recieve an invoice. Pay your invoice, and your registration is complete

If you would like to ride,  but the maximum amount of riders in your class is reached. Send us an email by sending this form and your will be on the waiting list.  (follows)


Registration ends on August 16th, 2018. You need te pay your invoice before August 18th to confirm your entree.

Account Rabobank: NL79 RABO 0319 4767 66 (BIC: RABONL2U)
Notice: MARATHON – Name participant – Klasse